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Welcome to Tree Of Life Landscaping & Design, your premier destination for exceptional landscape design and build services in Central Florida.  We serve Volusia County, Orange County, and Seminole County.  We also serve clients in the following cities: Deltona, Lake Mary, Longwood, Maitland, Oviedo, Winter Park, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, and Osteen.. Our expert landscape design team specializes in transforming your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes that reflect your unique style and meet your lifestyle needs.  You'll be amazed with the potential of your property when you have our creative expertise and know-how in your corner!

Before & After

Our team has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality. Let us help you redefine the concept of outdoor living with a new landscape design tailored precisely to your preferences, your lifestyle, and within your budget.

Why Choose Tree Of Life?

Landscape Before
Landscape Before

We'll Bring Your Landscape To Life

We understand that picturing your ideal front or backyard can be challenging. That's why at Tree Of Life, we develop comprehensive digital landscape designs that bring your vision to life before the build ever begins. Whether it's a luxurious paver patio, a lounge area around your pool, or new front landscape beds to improve your curb appeal, our landscape designs are tailored to your imagination and your budget.

Landscape Digital Design
Landscape Digital Design

No More Guesswork With Your Landscape

We're committed to ensuring that you never have to live with the regret of inaction or wrong decisions.  When you're working with a professional team like Tree Of Life, we're going to help you make those tough decisions.  With our expert guidance and transparent process you'll know and understand what your landscape is going to cost and you're going to know exactly what it will look like, before shovels ever hit the ground.

Landscape After Installation
Landscape After Installation

Trustworthy Execution Design To Build

At Tree Of Life, we don't just design; we also have an experienced installation team that can bring our designs to life. Our team is skilled in both the creation and the actual construction of our landscape designs, ensuring that what you see in our plans is what you get in your yard. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into your own private retreat that you your family, and your friends, will get to enjoy for years to come.

How We Design Beautiful Landscapes

Designing a landscape that you can enjoy and be proud of is a complex and multi-step process.  Landscape design requires a great deal of thought and care to ensure that the end result will meet your needs and preferences. A well-designed landscape not only adds beauty and value to your property but also enhances your lifestyle and increases the enjoyment you get out of your property.

Design Considerations

Here are the factors that we need to consider when designing your new landscape:

#1.  Lay of the land: The topography of the land, including its slope, elevation, and drainage patterns, can have a significant impact on the design of a landscape. These factors can affect the placement of features such as patios, retaining walls, and water features.

#2.  Size of the area: The size of the area that is being designed will also affect the design. We must consider the amount of available space, and how best to use that space to create a cohesive and functional design.

#3.  Use of plants: Plants are an essential part of any landscape design, and the choice of plants must be carefully considered. We must consider factors such as the growing zone (Central Florida is 9B - 10B), soil type, sun exposure, and plant growth characteristics. We must also consider your preferences and the purpose of the plants, whether they are for shade, color, privacy, or aesthetic appeal.

#4.  Plant Growth At Maturity: When selecting plants as part of your landscape design, we must consider how they will grow and how big they will be at maturity. Your landscape 2, 3, or even 5 years down the road will change as your plants grow.  This is an important design detail we need to consider to ensure that the plants do not outgrow their designated spaces or become an obstacle for maintenance in the future.

#5.  Hardscaping: Hardscaping, which includes features such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls, can be an integral part of your landscape design. We must consider the function and aesthetics of these features and how they will fit into the overall design.

#6.  Softscaping:  Softscaping is all of the softer, natural elements of your landscape.  This could include lawn areas, garden beds, landscape beds, hedges, shrubs, and trees.  Do you want a landscape that is low maintenance?  Do you want a landscape that reduces watering requirements? Or how about natural habitat for local wildlife?  These are factors we need to consider with your landscape design.

#7:  Budget:  We know not everyone likes to talk about their budget but this is critical to getting a great design.  We can design beautiful outdoor spaces but we don't want to provide you with ideas and concepts that are outside of your price range.  If we know and understand your budget we can ensure the options we provide are going to stay within your range.  We don't want to design a landscape that you cannot afford to build.

Design Elements

Design Elements

At COMPANY NAME, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of design elements to create your ideal landscape. Each element is chosen to enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your outdoor space. Here's what we can incorporate into our designs:

Hardscaping Elements:

Paver Patios and Driveways: We design and install durable, attractive, and low maintenance paver patios and driveways, available in various materials and styles to complement your home's architecture.

Walkways: Functional and aesthetic walkways that guide movement through your garden and connect different areas of your property.

Pool Decks: Custom-designed pool decks using materials that are both safe (non-slip) and visually appealing, creating a perfect poolside ambiance.

Retaining Walls: Both functional and decorative, our retaining walls prevent soil erosion, manage water runoff, and add an aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

Natural Stone Features: Incorporation of natural stone elements, such as boulders or rock gardens, adding a timeless and organic feel to your landscape.

Softscaping Elements:

Lawn Areas: Creation of lush, green lawn areas that serve as a foundational element in your landscape, providing open space for activities and enhancing overall aesthetics.

Landscape Beds: Thoughtfully designed landscape beds that include a variety of plants, from annuals and perennials to shrubs and small trees, tailored to Connecticut's climate.

Seasonal Flower Plantings: Colorful and vibrant flower plantings that bring life and color to your landscape throughout the different seasons.

Privacy Hedges: Strategically placed hedges that offer privacy and a natural barrier, contributing to a sense of seclusion and tranquility in your outdoor space.

Ornamental Shrubs and Bushes: Carefully selected ornamental shrubs and bushes that add texture, color, and structure to your landscape, enhancing its year-round appeal.

Water Features and Decorative Elements:

Fountains and Waterfalls: Custom-designed water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, that add a peaceful and soothing element to your landscape.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces: Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces that create a cozy gathering space, perfect for entertainment or relaxation.

Gazebos, Pergolas, and Pavilions: Structures such as gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions that provide shaded areas, enhancing the comfort and usability of your outdoor space.

Lighting: Strategic landscape lighting that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space at night, increases safety, and extends the usability of your landscape after dark.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices:

Native Plant Selection: We prioritize the use of native plants that are adapted to STATE environment, requiring less maintenance and providing habitat for local wildlife.

Rain Gardens: Implementation of rain gardens to manage stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, and improve water quality.

Our landscape designs are tailored to reflect your personal style and meet the functional needs of your property. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and aesthetics, we ensure that each element we include enriches your outdoor living experience.

The Design Process

Step #1.  Consultation: We will meet with you on your property to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget.

Step #2.  Site analysis: We will conduct a thorough analysis of the site, including its topography, soil type, drainage, and sun exposure.

Step #3.  Design concept: We will create a preliminary 2D or 3D design concept, including the layout of features and the selection and layout of plants.

Step #4.  Design development: We will refine the design concept, taking into consideration any feedback you have.  We want to make sure you're 100% happy with the design before proceeding.

Step #5.  Final design: We will present you with the final design, including a detailed plant list and hardscape specifications which will include the specific types and styles of materials being used.

Step #6.  Installation: Once the design has been approved by you, we will then schedule and oversee the installation of your new landscape.

How Much Does Landscape Design Cost?

This pricing information is only for the digital design aspect of the project and does not include the actual materials or labor cost

Small Spaces

How Does It Cost For Landscape Design For A Small Yard


This would be for a smaller front or backyard with a few specific hardscape elements such as a patio and pathway and some surrounding garden beds designed.

Medium Spaces

$300 - $500

This would be for a medium sized front or backyard along with an outdoor living space, garden beds, seating areas, and a few other minor hardscape or landscape elements.

Large Spaces


This would be for a larger project including an entire backyard, outdoor living space, retaining walls, garden beds, and more.  This is landscape design for a very high-end, luxury home.

Landscape Designs Can Include

The sky is the limit when it comes to landscape design for your outdoor living space.  We can incorporate any or all of the following elements into your new landscape design.

New Lawn Areas
Patio Or Pool Deck
Retaining Walls
Outdoor Kitchens
LED Lighting
In-Ground Pool
Hot Tub Or Spa
Gazebos & Pergolas
Composite Decks
Entertainment Areas
Water Features
Custom Stairs
Garden Beds
Outdoor Firepits
Outdoor Bar
Built-In Seating
Paver Driveways
Privacy Fencing
Dry Creek Beds

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for the cost of a high-end, true-to-life 3D rendered landscape design.  Your particular landscape design project may vary depending on the site, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your design.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate to design your new landscape the right way.

Questions About Landscape Design?

We've tried to answer some of the most common questions our customers ask about landscape design.

2D designs are flat, blueprint-style layouts of your landscape plan. They're great for understanding layout and space. 3D designs, however, offer a lifelike visualization of what the final project will look like, including textures, colors, and how the space feels.

Absolutely! We can incorporate existing elements such as trees, structures, or favorite plants into the new design, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new.

In Central Florida, sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping trends are gaining popularity. This includes native plant gardens that require less water, natural stone or paver hardscaping, and outdoor living spaces like kitchens and fire pits for year-round enjoyment.

Yes, strategic landscape design can enhance privacy. We use elements like fencing, privacy hedges, and strategically placed trees and shrubs to create a natural barrier while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property.

The time to create a landscape design plan varies based on the project's complexity. For most residential projects in Central Florida, it can take anywhere from a 7-10 days. This allows us to thoroughly understand your needs and carefully plan each detail.

Absolutely! Your feedback is crucial. After presenting the initial design, we welcome your input and will make revisions to ensure the plan meets your vision. We typically allow for a set number of revisions within the project scope to refine the design to your satisfaction.

Several factors influence material choice: aesthetic preferences, maintenance requirements, durability, and budget. In Central Florida, we also consider the local climate and the material's ability to withstand seasonal changes.

In landscape design, flexibility is key. If unexpected challenges arise, such as site constraints or material availability, we communicate these promptly and provide alternative solutions. Our experience allows us to adapt and find creative ways to overcome such challenges.

What Our Customers Say...

Orange Pop
February 24, 2024

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. Not because of the quality of work because I read the reviews. I was wondering if it would be worth the money that I was spending. Micheal assured me that it would be. His knowledge of landscaping is unmatched. His professionalism is TOP TIER. Tree of Life Landscape and Design turned my disaster of a yard into something I can be proud to show off to friends and family.

Mary Synk
February 22, 2024

I can't say enough good things about Michael and Tree of Life Landscaping. I needed to redesign my back patio area because the existing landscaping encroached on my neighbor's property. Michael helped me re-design the area. I wanted to re-use as much of the current plants and hardscape materials as I could, and he was wonderful about doing that. He never tried to "upsell" me, but rather worked with me to transplant healthy plants and re-use bricks, wall stone and pavers. A lot of landscapers wouldn't do that -- they just want to pull out the old and put in all new. I had to do the project in "phases", and Michael was very flexible accommodating my schedule. He let me do the pieces I wanted to do myself, and brought in his team for the pieces where I needed professional help. I highly recommend his services.

February 9, 2024

From day one, Michael and team went above and beyond to create the backyard paradise of our dreams. Attention to detail, professionalism, craftsmanship, clear communication and flexibility are just some of the qualities that have us excited and eager to complete more projects with them. While Michael was always open to our suggestions and ideas, he brought plenty of his own (and often better) to the table. The job site was kept clean, project phases were completed in a timely manner and on budget (which was reasonable). As much as we want Michael and team available for our projects, we highly recommend them for yours.

Nancy Davis
September 14, 2023

Michael is very professional he makes sure that he understands what you want and gives you design ideas. With his help we were able to customize a beautiful patio. We were so happy we had him take out the builder grade landscaping in the front of our home and design a custom landscaping with lighting. We love his work!!

May 23, 2023

Mike and I partnered up in 2021 two years after the purchase of my home. While the property was beautiful, it was quite overgrown and unmanageable. Tree of Life came in for a major yard cleanup, which included the removal of many very large agave plants and light tree trimming. In 2022, another cleanup project began in the front yard to remove a "forest" of overgrown palmetto bushes and masses of unwanted ferns. With each cleanup project, my visions of a more beautiful landscape became clearer. Then, in May 2023, Mike accepted the challenge of deconstructing old (and dangerous) concrete step system, converting it into a safe path from one elevation to another that matched the casual feel of my yard and home. Using my general ideas, Mike's creativity kicked in. Before and after pictures highlight the stages of this particular project. As each new project is completed, Mike knows I look forward to working with Tree of Life for the next phases of my yard transformation. I will continue to call on Mike for all of my landscape projects. All of the previous reviews are 100% accurate. I highly recommend Mike. Allow him an opportunity to help you bring new life to your landscape!

John Dedes
May 22, 2023

Michael and team at Tree of Life transformed our front yard like my wife has always wanted. He came out and worked with us to come up with a great design but was very flexible once the installation got underway. We made some design and plant changes easily which turned out great. He brought samples of rocks to allow us to select and made excellent design recommendations. He also installed new low-voltage lights which really make our yard "shine" at night. Finally, Michael extended our driveway with additional pavers and pressure washed/sealed them as well. There were a few minor hiccups but Micheal kept us informed and was always very level-headed even when things didn't go as planned. He's a great person to work with. We'd definitely use this team again and are very happy with our results (before and after pictures included).

John Copeland
May 21, 2023

We are extremely pleased with the landscape design and water feature installation Michael and his team provided. They went above and beyond with creating brilliant solutions for our unique needs. If you want it done right and at a good value, Tree of Life Landscape & Design is the company to hire. (Please ignore the exterior walls in desperate need of pressure washing and painting - that's next)

Dennis G
May 21, 2023

Michael was great to work with he took care of our needs with designing and installing our front landscaping design. I would recommend him his company to everyone.

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